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Znaptag for Advertisers

  • Place your brand where the audience is looking
  • Integrate your message directly in the existing story
  • Maximimize engagement
  • Maximize ROI

In-image Overlay Ads

Engaging ad overlays that are contextually matched to image content and distributed across Znaptag's network of publishers. Use the power of photos to draw attention to your brand. Up to 20 times higher CTR than traditional online ads.

Campaign Photos

Tag your editorial and commercial photos with product information, purchase links, music, video, links, and more to create interactive informative and fun ads. You get to tell a more complete story and convey more about your brand. Distribute the photos across the web and let your fans and followers share them with their friends – all interactive content travels with the photo.

Znaptag for Publishers

  • Maintain the editorial integrity of your site or blog
  • Present useful information to your readers
  • Make more money

Make More Money

Let Znaptag automatically and seamlessly place relevant and contextual overlay ads on your photos. The ads are designed to be aesthetic and unobtrusive and you get to set your own rules on how often ads will show.